3D Aquarium Screensaver 4.2


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Date Added:03 August, 2012



Aquarium Screensaver is a screen saver developed by Inbox in order to integrate it to it's toolbar, e- mail and search services. When installing, it shows several options: of course, it first tries to also install the's toolbar in your browser, which includes Web search and shortcuts to other company's services. This screensaver is very good looking, and first includes an aquarium section with a dolphin, a shark and a killer whale, but it has many options and it allows you to customize them in many ways: you can configure water's turbidity, add more fishes from different species, change the background, configure bubbles, etc., selecting among the options you find in its basic options settings tab. In addition, in its Advanced Options tab you find an option to create your own aquarium, which allows you to select each and every part, such as marine species, their number and type, frequency and time on the screen, activation time, color, sound level, process priority, frames per second, and many more. Moreover, it also has a feature to detect your system's parameters in order to detect its optimal configuration for your system. Its main window includes hour, date and month (but you can configure the screensaver in order to delete them), and a quick access to the search engine. Downside: It is a high resources consumption application.

Systems: Windows

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